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SENSORYLIGHT  is an innovative, revolutionary way to instantly change the appearance of any room, office, showroom or commercial unit etc, at the click of a switch.
Powered by high quality LED panels, SENSORYLIGHT stunningly displays high definition images to suit your environment.

SENSORYLIGHT  provides almost infinite application possibilities, you can choose from hundreds of images - from sky, space, technology and futuristic to landscape,  underwater and countryside etc - or use
your own personal images to create peaceful and tranquil spaces or dramatic, dynamic scenes.
Beautifully designed and professionally installed,  SENSORYLIGHT will transform the dullest of working conditions, bringing the outside in.
The retro fit side emitting LED panel lights available as 36w and 50w are ideal replacements for your existing panel lights. At only 11mm thick the LED panel lights
sit comfortably into any standard 600 x 600 ceiling grid.
Frames, doorways and windows and skylights can be custom built in wood,
PVC or steel to your design and specifications.
SENSORYLIGHT has almost infinite possibilities for creating a relaxing friendly environment.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and to see how we can help bring your ceilings and walls to life with LED SENSORYLIGHT .
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