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SENSORYLIGHT provides a dynamic solution where there is little or no daylight. It is obvious that a room with a view is more friendly and relaxing than a box room with no windows. Bright and open spaces such as showrooms and hotel lobbies can also feel cramped and claustrophobic if there is no visible access to the outside world.
SENSORYLIGHT can solve this problem with a click of a switch. The concepts are pretty much unlimited and
unique to your personal choice. Simple skylights and murals provide breathtaking visual simulations whilst more complicated sensory windows and doors create stunningly realistic outdoor views across infinite destinations.
The beauty of SENSORYLIGHT is that "outdoors" can practically be anywhere on the planet... ... and beyond!

SENSORYLIGHT  - The Gateway  Unit 4c   Silkwood Park  Fryers Way Ossett  Wakefield, West Yorkshire. WF5 9TJ
LED technology is todays most efficient way of illumination and lighting, with an estimated energy efficiency of 70%-80% when compared to traditional lighting and conventional lighting .Used in offices, surgeries, hospitals, schools and retail environments etc, the SENSORYLIGHT panels provide lighting that is durable, maintenance free and energy efficient. LED panel lighting allows organisations to cut their operating costs significantly as well as providing a stunning and unique effect.